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Only 27% of employees say they strongly believe in their organizations values.


We help bridge the gap

Leadership is at the very heart of sales, service, employee satisfaction and retention.

Smart leaders recognize the importance of empowering leadership development & training resources. This endears individuals to the organization while also encouraging personal development, growth, and tools to make a greater impact.

We offer solutions to this growing need for leadership tools – both onsite and online. For individuals & groups alike.

On Complaint

Do you know someone who always seems to be complaining? About everything and anything? Are you in a season where you find yourself complaining a lot? Even just internally? 🙋‍♀️Been there. To shift this, consider these two questions: 1️⃣What is the lesson? Maybe better preparation or implementing a new process to prevent whatever “the issue”Continue reading “On Complaint”

Our doors are always open, and we’re always happy to talk about our programs and services. 

Onsite one to one coaching in developing leadership skills, interview skills, presentation and presence, improving confidence and clarity.

Onsite team workshops on improving the client experience, workplace etiquette, teamwork and attitude to improve morale.

Individual coaching to help improve confidence and gain clarity around action steps to achieve goal(s). Relationships and wellness as well as workplace.

Appointments available via phone and webchat.

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