Collective Consciousness

The peak of my learnings this month have come through connecting dots between modalities.

#Aryuveda #Yoga #Science #NLP #CBT #biohacking and #behavioral #psychology are SO interlinked.

How did we miss this?

Or do certain people “get it” & live #awakened – and the rest of us fumble through?😳🤪

I was so closed minded for so many years. Like they say- you live (and *not said* with effort focus awareness and implementation) YOU LEARN.

Awareness is a magical thing. And we can’t become aware from the comfort of a bubble. Be a seeker. A learner. A thinker. A grower. #evolve

Otherwise you just keep living the same way. Remaining. Not evolving because you don’t stop to ask the question “What am I learning” and to be aware.

We can’t become aware from the comfort of a bubble.

Do you monitor your thoughts? Do you consider how they’re formed? Do you question your belief systems?

My mission in life is to be an encourager to others; as I obsessively learn about our human minds and meat-sacks we’ve been given-how the brain and body work together, & how collectively we are *all one brain and one body*🤯

Lets optimize, connect the dots, #implement-& share practical information to help our collective consciousness.


✅The knowledge within you is massively powerful.

✅Your soul is infinitely wise.

Tap into it.

✅Tap into your higher power.

✅Monitor your #thoughts. Listen. Analyze➡️accept➡️shift➡️correct.

Meditate on these thoughts. You are so much more than what you currently think🤗💞

#millennials #lifehack #mindhack #biohacking #leadershipdevelopment #personaldevelopment #millennialmindhack #mindhackmentor #encouragement #connection #compassion #selflove #reflection #meditation #wisdom #ancientwisdom #collectiveintelligence #collectiveconciousness

Published by Diana G. 20 year corporate executive fueled with a passion to develop others. Lifelong learner, NLP certified coach & mentor. I help people identify strengths and values - to create a vision in line with their purpose. Mindset tools and sessions to help with strategy whether its moving up the corporate ladder, honing in on your million ideas, gaining control of your fitness or health goals, or being that super parent that doesn't feel guilt over self care. There are so many tools I'd love to share & room for us all to win! I credit my 20 years in corporate America developing teams with inspiring me to learn through various modalities how to be effective as an individual, then as a leader. I have helped individuals achieve great strides in their careers, confidence, and presentation where they were previously stagnant. All by sharing tools and mindset skills (or mindhacks as I call them) to achieve focused performance. Both professionally and personally. I help organizations and leaders in creating a culture to impact behavior for measurable success. My vision is to help others- individuals, leaders, and teams- gain confidence as they gain clarity in their goals, determine values, and create vision through deliberate actions. In addition to success coaching and confidence building, I assist leaders in presentation. From developing presence to executive speaking, a little tweak or addition can have a great impact. Honored to be of service.

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