3 Laws of Commitment

3️⃣Laws of #commitment:

  1. Do what is required. There are rules.
    Even if you only comply 60-70% of the time – you are winning. What are those rules and how are you scheduling them?
  2. Do what you say you’re going to do. Stack those self esteem credits.
  3. Do it despite #feelings #emotions #moods or #thoughts

Ex: Geez I’m tired, I don’t want to go on date night … but I’m committed to building this relationship. He’ll (She’ll) understand 😒

Ex: I really want to get back in shape, but I had a long day and can use to catch up on Netflix. I’ll commit when I have more time.😒

Ex: Someone upset me I’m angry /upset /tired so …I’d rather snack and pour a drink even though I’m not hungry or thirsty. I’ll be better tomorrow 😣

Too often we allow our pesky (and very temporary) feelings & emotions shape our behavior- (me too!) that then, will shape your #identity. Yes it will. 😳Keep taking the reigns back.

What do you want your identity to be?

For me, identity ties to who you are.

People ARE what they do & think consistently when nobody is watching.

What do you do? What do you say to yourself?

Who do you want to become? Are behaviors matching goals?🤔 Are you just going with the flow allowing any influence to affect you?

Think-Do you run your day or does every day run you?

When we take an action towards our goal- even when our bodies don’t feel like it, we change our neurobiology and build resilience.

Goal: Get to conscious competence ➡️ unconscious competence.🔥

Cool 😎 side effect? You become a influence over your circle, creating other “lighthouses”.

What are you committed to? Let’s start thinking about this before the new year. Be mindful and empathetic but don’t give up on who you want to be. Shine a light on wins while you challenge yourself. Wherever you want to go, you CAN go there.

What 👏are 👏you 👏committed👏 to?👏

You got this🥳🙌

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On Complaint

“Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for the comforts we enjoy” -Benjamin Franklin

Do you know someone who always seems to be complaining? About everything and anything?

Are you in a season where you find yourself complaining a lot? Even just internally?

🙋‍♀️Been there.

To shift this, consider these two questions:

1️⃣What is the lesson?

Maybe better preparation or implementing a new process to prevent whatever “the issue” was. Maybe it’s a lesson in communication; in saying no, or setting realistic expectations.

Not saying you will have the answer. However, by asking the question and discovering an issue or two, you can start to create awareness then reach out for guidance.

2️⃣What is there in this to be grateful for?

Maybe during that “crazy day” (where you felt overwhelmed & complained to the world) the newest person on the team had a great attitude – even though they didn’t have the skill set to really help out otherwise. They’ll build the skill and have a winning attitude.

That’s a huge win! Did you thank them?

Maybe it’s the barista at your favorite coffee shop having a laugh with you that morning. Do you recall? What was GOOD in the day?

When you have an attitude of #gratitude – magic happens.


Every day in every way WE are getting better & better. Together.

Can they? They sure can. And they do!

#Thoughts, connected to right state of mind- CAN indeed become things my friends!

✅What *do* you think upon? And how?

✅Do you envision yourself & your business, your family, your friendships, your fitness, your health, your life – all in #optimal ways?

✅Do you think upon others with love in your heart, while in a calm peaceful state of mind? Can you?

✅In what ways *do* you calm your mind; so that you may have #space to #think of #outcomes in a #visionary way?

“Every day in every way WE are getting better & better”.

Sending you so much love & light today as you #meditate upon the things & events you envision for yourself & your people.


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Coping with COVID Stress

Being home with your partner, kids & perhaps even extended family without much (or any) break can be #exhausting.

While it may be difficult to set aside time for yourself, remember that a #HEALTHY, #POSITIVE you has a ripple effect that WILL spread throughout your household & beyond!

Finding healthy ways to take a break from daily #stressors can HELP YOU become a healthier version of yourself for those who depend on you.

If you are like most people, when stress and chaos increase in your daily life, you probably rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms to manage it (i.e., you may buy things to make yourself feel better; you ignore the problem and hope it goes away; you smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine, overeat, etc).

The truth is, these #strategies are not #effective or #healthy in the long term, nor are they *in line* with your health or perhaps even weight *loss* goals.

Therefore, you need to practice stress management techniques that support a healthy lifestyle.

The next time you are “in a storm”, consider a #relaxation exercise instead of turning to unhealthy coping strategies.

☑️The 5-5-5-5-5 Exercise

(Adapted from 50 more ways to soothe yourself without food, by Susan Albers, PsyD.)

✅List 5 people you can call when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, upset, or need to vent.

✅5 ways you like to relax: List 5 ways you can de-stress (i.e., take a hot shower or bath, put your feet up, take a few deep breaths, etc.)

✅5 places you can go to calm down (i.e., your bedroom, a quiet space where you might not be bothered, outdoors, etc).

✅5 things you can say to yourself (i.e., I can do this, this too shall pass, etc).

Power phrase: “EVERY day in EVERY WAY I’m getting better & better!” – say this- over and over again. Daily!

✅5 activities to distract yourself (i.e., start a puzzle, color, watch a movie, etc.)

Much ❤️🙏

To be IN LOVE🥰


Consider for just a moment :

♥️ If you could show up “in love” to your 🌎 your week- your day… what would that look like? 👀That inner joy? That glow up?

♥️ What would the #impact be on those around you?

♥️What would the #contribution look like to yourself & others?

You CAN. By finding inner #SELFLOVE you can show up this way consistently- with or without #romantic love.

Though I do truly wish you all glimpse and experience a true romance in this lifetime😘.

😎Hint: when you show up in #LOVE WITH YOU – you attract so much love from others- and it loooks so beautiful/hot/sexy when you have joyful energy 🤩❤️🤗🤗🤗

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Saying NO

👏There👏 IS 👏time👏

IN your day for you.

It just might look like saying “no” and checking in.

It’s so very EASY to say no nicely.

Do you know how to say no? Time to try?🤗❤️

Knowing it’s at the benefit of your basic needs.

It’s also super EASY not to do – and to continue complaining and living in victim mode.

Thinking daily of the #fatigue & #overwhelm rather than #solutions.

These are YOUR choices. Believe it or not- completely within your control.

🧐What are you not saying no to?

🕰No to long phone calls where you know your friend is just going to complain & gossip?

🕰No to staying up binging on tv?

🕰No to enforcing early bed time for everyone?

🕰No to sleeping in.

🕰No to taking on one more project. If you weren’t there would the world fall apart? They’d figure it out. Trust me – been there.🙋‍♀️

🕰No to enabling others?

🕰No to being the only one to do things around the house?

I have never thought poorly of anyone who said no because they put their basic needs first.

Maybe they’ve checked off social a bit. Not returned a call.

Declined an outing.

No biggie! Do you boo!🤗🫂

Morning meditation, exercise, mental stimulation (reading/podcasts) to me are #basic #core #NEEDS for me to be my best self. ♥️🙏

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On Community

We need real human connection.

Community has been on my mind A LOT lately. Fundamentally – #connection is the antithesis of separation.

It also then, is a fundamental piece of the treatment for #addiction, #depression. #Disassociation. #Loneliness.

Graduates of any 12 step will tell you that “loving community” was often the key to their betterment.

Statistics are glaring that employees (and humans- in general) are feeling alone, isolated. Overwhelmed. Especially now.

Separation is – as a species our greatest #fear.

Being separated from the tribe in the animal kingdom means a sure death.

And make no mistake- we are animals. 👹🤓


🙌How can I connect more?

🙌Who is in my corner? AKA who are members of my tribe or how can I cultivate one?

🙌Do I have an #advocate – and AM I an advocate for someone (or various) else?

🙌Do I make any effort to meet people or build rapport with someone I’m curious about at work?

🙌Who can I ask to have a “one to one” with in my work that I feel I could learn & grow from?

🙌 What does community look like to me? Can I join a group, a gym, a church, a club?

What are your thoughts on community & connection? Mentoring & advocacy?🤔


Collective Consciousness

The peak of my learnings this month have come through connecting dots between modalities.

#Aryuveda #Yoga #Science #NLP #CBT #biohacking and #behavioral #psychology are SO interlinked.

How did we miss this?

Or do certain people “get it” & live #awakened – and the rest of us fumble through?😳🤪

I was so closed minded for so many years. Like they say- you live (and *not said* with effort focus awareness and implementation) YOU LEARN.

Awareness is a magical thing. And we can’t become aware from the comfort of a bubble. Be a seeker. A learner. A thinker. A grower. #evolve

Otherwise you just keep living the same way. Remaining. Not evolving because you don’t stop to ask the question “What am I learning” and to be aware.

We can’t become aware from the comfort of a bubble.

Do you monitor your thoughts? Do you consider how they’re formed? Do you question your belief systems?

My mission in life is to be an encourager to others; as I obsessively learn about our human minds and meat-sacks we’ve been given-how the brain and body work together, & how collectively we are *all one brain and one body*🤯

Lets optimize, connect the dots, #implement-& share practical information to help our collective consciousness.


✅The knowledge within you is massively powerful.

✅Your soul is infinitely wise.

Tap into it.

✅Tap into your higher power.

✅Monitor your #thoughts. Listen. Analyze➡️accept➡️shift➡️correct.

Meditate on these thoughts. You are so much more than what you currently think🤗💞

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So many changes…

I’m certain if you are anything like me, when you slept through the bells ringing in celebration 🎉 for the New Year, or celebrated with loved ones- that you never could have imagined that in the course of only a few weeks our world would be marked by so much change.

Huge rights of passage gone uncelebrated or celebrated in ways we would have never imagined. Weddings postponed. Birthdays at home. Jobs lost for thousands. Shelves empty at grocery stores as panic and hysteria ruled our communities. Fear for loved ones. Fear for ourselves.

We are going into week 9 of the US stay at home order, and are beginning to see some return to a “new normal” as permissions are being granted for reopening and gatherings. Much will be forever altered by the negative consequences of shutting down our businesses & schools. Many don’t have work, and many on unemployment don’t have a clue what will happen as they look to the future.

It’s important during these times to remember that the greatest POSITIVE human emotion is #gratitude. And if you can force yourself, even for just a moment to find something, anything to be grateful for, your brain 🧠 cannot in that moment also feel fear. Or helplessness. Or anxiety. Or anger. Or loss.

Harness the power of gratitude. Not to negate or downplay the reality of changes that have no doubt had a negative impact, but to keep your light shining during a time when much can feel dark, confusing, uncertain and maddening.

We often hear the common phrase that the one thing we can control is our attitudes. Our reactions. Our behavior. But how?

There are many tools- however in my opinion the greatest is creating a process for daily gratitude.

It is a great place to start.

This will clean your mental slate so to speak. Breathe deeply as you think of your personal gratitude list. Even if it’s just being grateful to take this moment to breathe deeply.

Writing down a few things you are grateful for is extremely effective. Even if you go back to your list and notice you might be repeating the same things. That’s great! How often were your expressing gratitude for them before your practice? Probably not often.

Next think of how you can reframe your situation. Could it be worse? Is there an opportunity? #Reframing is extremely helpful. Some people do it naturally. They are likely the super annoying person you know seemingly un phased by what others would consider “set backs”. Instead of thinking about how they always seem to get so lucky, have you considered that perhaps they “get lucky” because they have a different mindset? Instead of being moody and sulking, their cheerful disposition encourages interaction and openness. Which invites dialogue and opportunities.

Now these people are rarities or have trained themselves over time. That said, just like a muscle you can build your mind muscle to be more resilient to set backs by reframing, gaining confidence, and being grateful.

If you feel these changes have dimmed your spirit, my wish for you is that you can use these tools to help you be an instrument of positive change.



In the movie “Miracle”, Kurt Russell plays Herb Brooks -the athlete turned coach who led the 1980 US Olympic hockey team to victory over the seemingly undefeatable Soviet team – using disruptive techniques and outside of the box thinking to take a team and maximize the potential of each individual player.

Thoughts from the movie “Miracle”

#Disruption may be a popular #buzzword in recent years. It speaks to challenging organizations and individuals in mindset and behavior; however this is not a new concept. It’s been employed across industries for many years- usually initiated or spearheaded by ONE individual. Are you this kind of individual?

Are you a #disruptor?


➡️Do you truly appreciate differences in others – and maximize their #strengths? (especially when they differ from your own?)

➡️Do you see #potential where others see problems?

➡️Do you take time to identify what the strengths are in others?

➡️Are you curious about your own strengths or areas that you might have talent in that you haven’t explored yet?

➡️Do you study the patterns of behaviors of others, who have the desired outcomes that you wish to have?

➡️When something is working well do you still think of ways to #improve, #enhance?, or #innovate?

Sending so much ❤️

Your #MindHackMentor

Your #1Fan

Your #ConfidenceEnabler



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