On Judgement


On #Judgement:

Did you know that the reflexive part (not the #logical part) of your brain 🧠 – which is OUTSIDE of your #awareness, is responsible for judgement? 🤯

It’s reactionary, and differs from one person to the next based on life history, experiences and choices in current surroundings/allowed influence.

It can be altered.

But… not without deliberate #effort.


➡️What are you #allowing yourself to be #influenced by?

➡️Do you immerse yourself in experiences outside of your comfort zone every now and again?

➡️Do you make an effort to get to know what people are about who are different from you? Their origins, experiences, upbringing? Or are you more comfortable with a group of people similar to you? (Most of us are)

➡️When others around you are being judge-mental do you break the pattern perhaps by asking why they are making that assumption or at least think of it internally? Or do you just go with the flow?

Its not complicated to start changing reflexive decision making, but it’s not #easy, because most of us don’t stop to think of these concepts. Unless our parents taught us or we stumbled into experiences that helped form us.

So start now. It’s never too late to keep growing in your personal development, which in turn optimizes your #contribution😊

Love Yourself First♥️

I am #CONFIDENT I found the man of my dreams BECAUSE I #FIRST became the woman of MY dreams.🥰

I struggled with being an obese child – and adult.

I was almost 6 feet tall by the 8th grade and tipped the scale at around 250lbs🙈😬

I had insecurities. Lots.

I was a tomboy and an overweight #athlete. For many years.

I’ve always had masculine energy.

I learned to embrace my femininity, love ME as I was / am & gain confidence by doing the things I #could #do to be the best version of myself. Day by day.

I had setbacks. I kept going. I’m the SAME person, just … enhanced😆 2.0 if you will. Maybe 4.0 as I approach 40🥰

When I met my soulmate I found he too had a story- a tough childhood and weight struggles along with insecurities of his own.

No one would know meeting the tall handsome firefighter bodybuilder. He did the work. I did the work. Then the #universe brought us together. Later than *I* wanted, but #READY.

On this #Valentine’s Day- love yourself. #Work on becoming the BEST version of #YOU while #loving yourself THROUGH the process.

#Start where you are, doing what you CAN do.

Sending so much love💗

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Do the things

I do not neglect to do the small things I #CAN do #EVERYDAY.👊

“The future depends on what YOU DO TODAY.”

It’s #EASY😃

Yes, even on #Sunday

How is any day that precedes your #goals, #vision and #personal #development any less important than another? They all feed into each other, right?


🤔What #actions & #behaviors align with the goals and vision you have?

🤔 What does that look like? What are the #easy things #YOU #CAN #DO? Daily.

🤔 What is your personal brand? For me, being #strong & #embodied are 🔑.

To feel this way internally, I *personally* require daily #gym, #meditation, #prayer, #reading, and #relationship with others – face to face. This also means I’m an early riser to ensure my needs are met.

Doing this enables me to best #serve & #encourage others.

Listen guys, I have so much fun. I go on vacation. I have an adult 🍸if I like, & may eat 🍕🍩in the same day I eat salads & ingest my AM cocktail of nanogreens, fiber etc.

I also #workout on vacation. Every. Day.

I read. Every. Day.

Why? Because it’s #easy! It aligns with my needs, to be at my best. Everyday is #important. *Every* *day* #counts.

What actions can you #commit to start doing #daily to affect your #outcomes? Learn more? Be more active or involved with others? Join a group or brainstorming session? Encourage others?

As individuals, our values and vision are different. And that’s okay! What is not okay is to never stop to determine… what ARE my values? What do I want? What is my vision in terms of what outcomes do I want to produce?

If you don’t stop to think of this, then how can you possibly put into action the behaviors, thoughts, and steps to move in the direction you desire?

You CAN do anything. You can start reading more.

You can start eating foods that nourish your body and mind.

You can schedule time to check in with yourself and meditate or just have kind thoughts towards yourself and others. This is mindfulness and develops presence. Be in body.

You can go for a walk. Or run. Or gym session.

You can call a friend or schedule a meal with family.

To do all the good things you can do, you may have to stop doing some things. Think of any?

Stop saying yes to requests that don’t line up with your vision.

Stop (or reduce) eating junk that makes you sick and depletes your energy.

Stop staying up late wasting too much time on social media – freeing up time to read and enhance your mind, or simply rest.

Stop procrastinating and start preparing for your day/week/month.

Let’s start taking care of these amazing bodies and brains we have by living a life of deliberate intention around our vision & values.

🙏Sending #love & #light

Diana G.

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Be a #Goal #Getter

Let’s talk #intentions.

There is #POWER in setting intentions around #outcomes. Or some like to use the word #GOALS.

Intentions may be set:

➡️Internally in mind🧠 (highest frequency),

➡️Spoken in word🗣(second highest frequency), or

➡️Written on paper✍️ (tertiary frequency)

*ALL* #accelerate the process of #intention setting.🆗🙌

When visualizing desired outcomes, and thinking of “big picture goals” 🥅 one cannot *emphasize enough*

➡️Setting #intention #actions – rather than “#goals” alone.

“A goal is not a #result/or #outcome, rather *the* result of #deliberate #actions #executed by #intention.”

Today alone I’ve seen and read from 4 other sources completely different viewpoints of this same topic.

Here is my take🌝:

💥There *is* absolutely power in setting intentions. Inside. Out loud. On paper. From the mountain 🏔 tops. In the mirror to yourself. To anyone who will 👂.

💥💥💥There is #greater #power in the #EXECUTION of the #ACTIONS set by intentions.

I continually read content from sources discouraging people from speaking out loud or publicly professing their #goals.

I caution us all to think of intention setting as a 🔑 piece of your #goal setting process- but SPEAK those intentions!

Set those goals and don’t miss out on setting the action steps and FOR goodness sakes put it out there if you want!!🙌

Adversely if you are a powerful introvert who prefers keeping your vision to yourself- then that is TOTALLY 👌!!! #doyoubooboodoyou

❌But don’t dim someone’s light🔆 in telling them they are wrong in professing their desired outcomes.

🙏Sending #love & #light

Diana G.

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I was asked this question many years ago by a coach. And I couldn’t answer.🥵🤬

I was too lost in the expectations of others, & trapped in my insecurities & self limiting beliefs. In that moment I wanted to give *her* an answer she’d approve of🤯🤫😐

I had #work to do.🤔😔And that’s okay.

This year I am #grounded. I have been doing the work and embracing my #experiences which have shaped me into who I am. The good. The bad. The beautiful. The fat. The ugly. The moods. The silly🙃.

#I #am #me.


Now I can answer that question in SO many ways. As an #affirmation. In generalities. In #tangibles and #intangibles.

Don’t be afraid to be find yourself, be yourself and learn to know & grow in WHO YOU ARE and what.YOU.want.

We have one☝️chance called life…Stop being afraid. Stop saying #sorry.

Today, I ask my clients this same basic question.

In “live” time people get stuck. Many of us are so consumed in what others want or expect from us – we can’t even answer the question without time – so I give it out as a homework assignment- if you will.🤓

A great “end answer” would be to respond (in time) with an #affirmation – even if just for this year. 

Example: (Mine this year) 

I #WANT to 

Master my #Mind

Master my #Body

Monitor my #Thoughts

Manage my #Behaviors 

Manage my #Actions 

So I may be best fit to

#Mentor my #people

& make #Epic #Contribution



Sending #love & #light

Diana G.

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On Feeling “slighted”🙄😡😳

“The greatest compliment is when others emulate us & our work.” -Craig Cicardo, Sr.

I’m going to share a story of how LinkedIn was a source of support & positive feedback in helping me reframe something that hurt my feelings. 😬🙈

Sometimes a conversation sparked by a thought or statement, can make such an impact!

Craig posted about something that caused me to immediately think of (let’s be real – it was hard to get off my mind) a recent situation where someone had “craft-fully” used my work.😡

I’m all about inspiring confidence in others, but it felt like I had a rock in my tummy – in that moment.😞

This wasn’t a stranger, it was a friend I had excitedly shared my passion with & she made no mention of doing such a thing.

I didn’t like the ugly feelings & couldn’t stop thinking of it. When I shared on Craig’s post – his perspective helped me reframe my thoughts & #mindset.

“Imitation is the BEST form of flattery”. We know this! Yet, we are sensitive. That’s the beauty of being #human.

Thank you Craig & *all* of you who inspire, support, & show #compassion & #empathy towards your #network! This is what it’s all about.

Another friend who is a marketing #genius said to me, one rule all great marketers know is that “copying is the #1 killer”. #Ingenuity is where magic happens.

People can only copy so much – screenshot to recreate basically your profile, writing, ideas etc- as their own. {I was given that bad advice & had to 🤐)

I truly feel that being inauthentic will only eat you up in time and shine through in the form of insecurity and self doubt.

So many of us share similar concepts and ideas. Why not do it in your own way from your own perspective?

No idea is truly our “own”. We all have similar experiences and thoughts and only different voices.

One voice may resonate better to one person than another. We truly aren’t so unique, and in seeing that – we can appreciate the beautiful harmony we can create by finding commonality.

Don’t let small things dull your shine or #contribution! There is only ONE ☝️ and nobody can be *you*. And if you are using your voice in a way that allows someone to bravely start sharing theirs – that’s a win!


Not #comparing or #competing rather #bonding & #encouraging.


Shine your light with the intention for others to shine theirs.


🙏Sending #love & #light

Diana G.

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The Power of Belief

At 25 years old a #struggling to survive-  Conor McGregor declared to his father with utmost #resolve that he *would be* a #millionaire.

In #Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell refers to years of research to share the common thread that makes #TheGreats #great.

A prevalent theme is the 10,000 rule- the idea (not new) is that it takes 10,000 hours of #practice in the pursuit of being great at something to accomplish #mastery, & obtain #desired #outcomes. Many did this in a remarkably short amount of time.

Think #neurosurgeons (4 hours a day over 10 years) then #musicians or #photographers who were late in entering their craft, yet dedicated to honing in their potential through #discipline.

It all begins with the #BELIEF – that they possess within them #desire, #potential & #capacity to achieve their goal.

So, although many start with innate ability then add effort, others *could* achieve #greatness through consistency in showing up. There’s #hope!

Adversely, many who are supremely #talented …waste it.

➡️How to build #Belief in 3 steps:

1️⃣ Grow your #Confidence:”One’s appreciation of one’s own abilities / feeling #certain about the #truth of something”

2️⃣ Know what you #WANT.

3️⃣ #Commit to #practice.

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Mindset Matters

🧠 Mindset matters most🔥

2020 power mantra for me:

✅Master my mind

✅Master my body

✅Manage my behaviors

✅Manage my time

✅Monitor my thoughts

✅Mind my words

➡️So that I may best show up to:

✅Mentor my people

✅Make epic contribution


What are some of yours? Have you made a mantra or affirmation for yourself❓

It may not be in the new year only- most of my mantras contain similar themes or concepts year over year. 🤷‍♀️😃

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🙏Sending #love & #light

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