What makes your 🧠 happy?

Dr. Laurie Santos teaches the most popular course on this at Yale.

💡Key Concepts to consider: 🔑

🔧Time affluence: We are so scheduled that we find ourselves in time famine, not allowing us time to do things that make us happy- like having coffee with a friend. We also spend more of our precious time in solitude-on social media.

👋The research suggests social interaction ought to be in person with real people – in real life, and this makes our 🧠happy!

🎯Givers Gain: I learned this popular Mantra well through years of business networking in BNI🤓😆

Research suggests doing something nice for others will actually make you #happier than doing something for yourself.

💰Only 10% of your happiness is attributed to circumstances. Thinking a job change will “make you happy” is just not true. So much more of it is the way you frame things and what #BEHAVIORS you engage in. (NLP tools)

🤳80% of 15 year olds sleep with their phones due to social media, reducing sleep- increasing depression and anxiety. #youtoo? 🧐🤔

❗️➡️How to #habits

🏋️‍♀️ #Exercise: 30 minutes of exercise a day produces the equivalent effect as the increase in mood affected by Zoloft.😲

🗒Start a #gratitude list every night. People who do this report feeling happier and display greater resilience.

📅Block time on your 🗓 for #interaction. Ask a friend or invite a new connection to ☕️ There are so many intriguing people out there! I most recently had coffee with a Instagram friend I’ve interacted with socially for years. It was transformational. Reach out. If someone resonates with you or seems interesting odds are you have similar interests! Why not try to make a friend? Why are we so afraid of doing this?

Source: Enrollment/Coursework from The Science of Well-Being by Yale University.

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A Growth Mindset stems from Curiosity

Establishing a growth mindset is so powerful! Yet it takes consistent work 🔧and deliberate effort.🏌️‍♂️

When you meet a person who has developed this you know it. They have that something special you can’t put your 👆 on.🧐

A positively curious mind leads to:

💡Greater motivation


💡Increased communication skills


💡Resilience The list goes on.

As children we were all curious (& disruptive), until we were taught otherwise. These days it happens sooner with the advent of technology 🤳.

Social platforms consume the 🧠 of children & adults alike, disallowing us from being present, therefore curious – about the people, things, & events that matter😞

4 ways to a growth mindset:

1️⃣Start by affirming that you CAN control your thinking patterns. Building new connections in the brain to override past patterns not serving you.

2️⃣BE where you are.Take comfort in making those in your sphere feel valued & important. This includes YOU. Take time to focus on your daily mantras & speak kindly to yourself. Treat your body well.🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♀️🥦

3️⃣👂+ 👀 intently for opportunities throughout the day to learn something new.

4️⃣Next time someone shares something that spikes your curiosity- ask questions! Use google. Give yourself a little homework.

Want to learn more about how to set your mind up to be curious? Schedule a one to one with me today.


Affirmation, Discipline & Delusion

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.”- Jim Rohn

Have you ever said you were going to read a book a month? Then didn’t? #metoo 🙈

We all know it’s a win-win practice.

After executing we typically want to excitedly share with others and even implement learnings into our day.

Brian Tracy says “if you read one book per month that will put you in the *top* 1% of income earners in our society.” 😳 So…why don’t we? Or start journaling?📝 Go to the gym? 🤸‍♀️Meditate?🧘‍♀️

Example shows us that people who choose to be #disciplined are the ones who do this. They typically also magically “find” time to get moving🏋️‍♂️ & can be counted on to follow through. Perhaps they are so productive because they quite simply #honor their time.

🤔 A person’s #habits are the best predictor of their contribution. 💯❤


➡️What are my habits? Document them for a week. Good, bad & ugly.

➡️Identify your time hogs.🐷🐗

➡️Commit to 1 new habit🎯 you want to develop & precisely how you intend to implement it.🕑

➡️Create a task list if you don’t already.

➡️Take it easy! If you miss a day or get side tracked – just step back into your purpose. Habits aren’t easy to develop – but are #transformational once executed with consistency.

➡️Hire a coach! Accountability and guidance is key. Great writers have them. Athletes have them. Heck, even people who lose a few lbs have them. Hello Jenny Craig. Some tools, encouragement, and help can be game changers.



Attitude of Gratitude

In a study done by the American Psychological Association it was found that over half of employees who left employers did so due to lack of feeling appreciated.😳

I imagine a level of disengagement was also present prior to making the decision to leave.😔

Leaders – you are not being honest with yourselves if you think the reason given was 100% honest. Rare is the breed that will speak honestly due to fear of burning bridges or simply not having established trust. Another topic for another day…

Adversely, showing gratitude is scientifically proven to:

✅Improve workplace relationships

✅Increase engagement & retention

✅Increase productivity

✅Better coping skills – increases mind muscle.

✅Literally makes you happy by rewiring your 🧠

✅Reduces toxic emotions like envy.

✅Increase levels of oxytocin!🤯💃

Is this not enough to put an attitude of gratitude into practice?

🎯I want to challenge you to make #gratitude a *permanent* core practice in your personal & work life. I use the words “permanent” and “core practice” for a deliberate reason. As we approach the year end mark & New Year, we love to make such important things like this a “resolution”. Well… we all know the statistics on a resolution. What is your plan to make it stretch far beyond a temporary resolve?


➡️ How do you show appreciation?

➡️How are you eliminating distractions, cutting out the self talk – and focused on even looking for an opportunity to be grateful?

➡️ Can you think of three things that make you feel grateful? The laugh of a child, the smile of a grandparent (past or present). The touch of a loved one.

➡️How else can you and do you practice gratitude?

➡️Need help devising a plan to implement this in your life home or work? Contact me today.

🙏Sending #love & #light

Diana G.

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Why Mindfulness Matters

Clinical studies show that mindfulness reduces PAIN by 57 to 90%.🤔😳

If it can reduce pain – something so real and so all consuming – by THAT much, imagine what else it can do?🤯

✅Reduce anxiety

✅Feel more connected to the present.

✅Increase Mood

✅Reduce tension

✅Improve relationships

✅Be more effective at work & home


➡️Waking up just 10 minutes earlier to take 10 and meditate. Nothing fancy or complex, just sit undisturbed and let yourself be.

➡️Square breathing. Don’t know what to do when being mindful? Breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of four, out for a count of four- you get it. I do this ALL the time. From anywhere when I start feeling tense.

➡️Talk to yourself. Yep. I said it. “Feeling” something unpleasant? Ask yourself why or where you think it’s coming from. Think on it. This too is mindfulness.

➡️Need some guidance? Contact me for one to one video coaching to help you tap into mastering mindfulness.

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Intentions, desires, and wishes are fruitless 🍇🍉🍊without ACTION. 🎬

Do you have a vision or goal that you think about ALL the time but it just seems to elude you? Or maybe you know someone who has so many great ideas & SO much talent but nothing happens.😔

🙋🏼‍♀️Been there. And if you have *not* been there – bravo to getting after all your personal & professional goals!🎆🎉

Perhaps consider setting some around a different #value than you typically set goals around.

Maybe it’s relational – like being a better friend, daughter or wife.

-Maybe it’s professional – like being “seen” at work or finding something that better aligns your talent & desires.

-Maybe it’s personal – like getting in shape👙 🤾‍♂️, reading a 📖📚 or taking that 💃 class.

-Maybe it’s just carving out a few minutes to breathe.👳‍♀️😌

How do we tackle a goal or a vision beyond “putting it into the universe” & hoping it just happens?



➡️ What is ONE thing you are able to do today towards your goal? Just one.

➡️ What obstacles do you anticipate?

➡️ How can you prioritize your time & activities to ensure the one action can happen?

➡️Seek help from a coach or mentor to help you develop some clarity and a plan.


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Getting Along

#Interpersonal skills trump intelligence in the workplace.

According to a Workforce Group survey 60% of employers say their people need greater communication and interpersonal skills.樂

Let’s face it, automation has moved beyond basics to include accounting, marketing, sales and more Yet human behavior dictates at a subconscious level that we want to do business with #people & companies that make us #feel good.

98% of top sales producers share that relationships are the most important factor in generating new business.

Employers are starting to see the link between client satisfaction and loyalty. A loyal customer is worth up to 10x the cost of their first purchase.螺

On the flip side, Managers lacking interpersonal skills cost $360 MILLION dollars a year when employees who work for them can no longer handle the stress.


➡️#Softskills  – How do you measure them? How do you teach someone to easily interact with others in a non threatening way? How do you?

➡️ How do you display things like etiquette, teamwork & adaptability?

➡️ What does being personable mean – and how do you enhance this?


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“The 🔑 to successful leadership today is influence not authority” – Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard Companies

Kids talk about it on social. Executives talk about it as a skill that can be learned or earned.

A must for emerging leaders. . 🔎We are drawn to observing those who somehow capture this effortlessly, yet may not even be in a leadership role🤷‍♀️ .

What if #influence is more about the ❤ than the 🧠? Or better yet a combination of characteristics at the core of a person. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦How do loving parents influence children? #Passion, #Presence, #Belief in others. The ability to block out all the noise and be HERE. Genuinely care, engage and appreciate others. Perhaps even champion them.🏆 .

4 ways to increase influence:

➡️ #serve Start your workday thinking of at least ONE way you can serve someone. An encouraging word. Acknowledgement. Your time.

➡️ #mindset Back to #1- To do this you must start YOUR mind right.It takes some a few hours prior to a workday to do this optimally 🙋🏼‍♀️. It may take you minutes. 🙌 .

➡️ #presence. Don’t look away when engaging.Take interest. Even if it means acknowledging an opposing viewpoint. Be present.

➡️ #confidence Stand tall. If you don’t believe in yourself it will show. Step into your light with the intent to help others shine theirs.


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“Synergy is better than your way or my way. It’s OUR way”. 💫

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In nature clownfish swim in between sea anemone. By themselves, they are susceptible to predators, but together they form a protective shield for one other.🤗 One organism is not greater than the other they are equal. For those who understand this concept and how to apply it – the sky is the limit. In science this is called #mutualism. In human science this is called #

“Synergy is better than your way or my way. It’s OUR way”. 💫

In nature clownfish swim in between sea anemone. By themselves, they are susceptible to predators, but together they form a protective shield for one other.🤗 One organism is not greater than the other they are equal. For those who understand this concept and how to apply it – the sky is the limit. In science this is called #mutualism. In human science this is called #synergy.

Synergy is ultimately about learning how to catapult strengths through interconnection.

Even call it work #interdependence.

Gone are the days of creating sole “autonomy”. . 🚫This is not about doing more, or working harder. This is about learning more, and working smarter.🤓

That is where the magic happens.🎉 .

Who is the fish and who is the anemone you ponder? Neither!

This concept is about leveraging strengths to create results through #synergy which would be otherwise impossible.

Questions to consider are:

➡️ How are you protecting your team from their own self limiting beliefs?

➡️How are you protecting yourself from your OWN self limiting beliefs? Do you have a tribe, or coach who helps you?

➡️How do you learn what others perceive as obstacles?

➡️Are you developing skills to create a culture of synergy and interdependence?

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