What makes your 🧠 happy?

Dr. Laurie Santos teaches the most popular course on this at Yale. 💡Key Concepts to consider: 🔑 🔧Time affluence: We are so scheduled that we find ourselves in time famine, not allowing us time to do things that make us happy- like having coffee with a friend. We also spend more of our precious timeContinue reading “What makes your 🧠 happy?”

A Growth Mindset stems from Curiosity

Establishing a growth mindset is so powerful! Yet it takes consistent work 🔧and deliberate effort.🏌️‍♂️ When you meet a person who has developed this you know it. They have that something special you can’t put your 👆 on.🧐 A positively curious mind leads to: 💡Greater motivation 💡Effectiveness 💡Increased communication skills 💡Confidence 💡Resilience The list goesContinue reading “A Growth Mindset stems from Curiosity”

Affirmation, Discipline & Delusion

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.”- Jim Rohn Have you ever said you were going to read a book a month? Then didn’t? #metoo 🙈 We all know it’s a win-win practice. After executing we typically want to excitedly share with others and even implement learnings into our day. Brian Tracy says “ifContinue reading “Affirmation, Discipline & Delusion”

Why Mindfulness Matters

Clinical studies show that mindfulness reduces PAIN by 57 to 90%.🤔😳 If it can reduce pain – something so real and so all consuming – by THAT much, imagine what else it can do?🤯 ✅Reduce anxiety ✅Feel more connected to the present. ✅Increase Mood ✅Reduce tension ✅Improve relationships ✅Be more effective at work & homeContinue reading “Why Mindfulness Matters”

Getting Along

#Interpersonal skills trump intelligence in the workplace. According to a Workforce Group survey 60% of employers say their people need greater communication and interpersonal skills.樂 Let’s face it, automation has moved beyond basics to include accounting, marketing, sales and more Yet human behavior dictates at a subconscious level that we want to do business withContinue reading “Getting Along”