So many changes…

I’m certain if you are anything like me, when you slept through the bells ringing in celebration 🎉 for the New Year, or celebrated with loved ones- that you never could have imagined that in the course of only a few weeks our world would be marked by so much change. Huge rights of passageContinue reading “So many changes…”

On Judgement On #Judgement: Did you know that the reflexive part (not the #logical part) of your brain 🧠 – which is OUTSIDE of your #awareness, is responsible for judgement? 🤯 It’s reactionary, and differs from one person to the next based on life history, experiences and choices in current surroundings/allowed influence. It can be altered.Continue reading “On Judgement”

Be a #Goal #Getter

Let’s talk #intentions. There is #POWER in setting intentions around #outcomes. Or some like to use the word #GOALS. Intentions may be set: ➡️Internally in mind🧠 (highest frequency), ➡️Spoken in word🗣(second highest frequency), or ➡️Written on paper✍️ (tertiary frequency) *ALL* #accelerate the process of #intention setting.🆗🙌 When visualizing desired outcomes, and thinking of “big pictureContinue reading “Be a #Goal #Getter”


#What👏#do👏#you👏#want👏? I was asked this question many years ago by a coach. And I couldn’t answer.🥵🤬 I was too lost in the expectations of others, & trapped in my insecurities & self limiting beliefs. In that moment I wanted to give *her* an answer she’d approve of🤯🤫😐 I had #work to do.🤔😔And that’s okay. ThisContinue reading “What👏do👏YOU👏WANT👏”

On Feeling “slighted”🙄😡😳

“The greatest compliment is when others emulate us & our work.” -Craig Cicardo, Sr. I’m going to share a story of how LinkedIn was a source of support & positive feedback in helping me reframe something that hurt my feelings. 😬🙈 Sometimes a conversation sparked by a thought or statement, can make such an impact!Continue reading “On Feeling “slighted”🙄😡😳”

Developing Discipline

🎯Today’s Topic : Discipline ➡️ 3 Secrets to developing #discipline ✅The Why (#goals tied to #values) ✅The What (Tangible #actions & #behaviors) ✅The How (TIME – inventory / #analysis, managing, #scheduling) Each component goes so much deeper than what a few minutes can provide, but I’m happy to address common themes and give it aContinue reading “Developing Discipline”