Every day in every way WE are getting better & better. Together.

#Thoughts, connected to right state of mind- CAN indeed become things my friends! ✅What *do* you think upon? And how? ✅Do you envision yourself & your business, your family, your friendships, your fitness, your health, your life – all in #optimal ways? ✅Do you think upon others with love in your heart, while in aContinue reading “Every day in every way WE are getting better & better. Together.”

Coping with COVID Stress

Being home with your partner, kids & perhaps even extended family without much (or any) break can be #exhausting. While it may be difficult to set aside time for yourself, remember that a #HEALTHY, #POSITIVE you has a ripple effect that WILL spread throughout your household & beyond! Finding healthy ways to take a breakContinue reading “Coping with COVID Stress”

Saying NO

👏There👏 IS 👏time👏 IN your day for you. It just might look like saying “no” and checking in. It’s so very EASY to say no nicely. Knowing it’s at the benefit of your basic needs. It’s also super EASY not to do – and to continue complaining and living in victim mode. Thinking daily ofContinue reading “Saying NO”